Learn the knowledge and skills needed to win in the Forex market.



Understand how to trade through our simple, detailed, and easy to understand methods.



In every lesson, you will learn and complete an action item to ensure that you understand.



The goal is for you to learn, understand, apply your knowledge, and get results.

Our Courses

Beginner Skills

Our academy consists of a step by step structured program with over 70+ lecture videos in 9 organized modules, beginning with Forex Basics to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to trade independently and confidently. We have multiple live trading sessions during the week and extensive communication in our private community to ensure that you start the right way, get your questions answered, and never feel lost or alone.

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Intermediate Skills

At this stage, you have grasped an understanding of Forex Basics and now learning intermediate skills that take you through techniques and practices you’ll need to become a winning trader. The learning topics include technical and fundamental analysis, in-depth charting practice, how to buy and sell, marking charts, styles of trading, supply and demand, market structure, and powerful entry and exit techniques that are spoken to you in clear and direct terms.

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Advanced Skills

The advanced level of the academy teaches traders advanced market structure, price action, pattern mastery, Elliot Wave and Fibonacci, and strategies used to profit in the market each week. Every learner is provided with guidance to trade successfully in a practice account in order to transfer that success to a live trading account.

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Preparing to Trade Successfully

Investors, Entrepreneurs,

& Educators

Entrepreneurs, Educators

BK Forex Academy is designed and facilitated by Brian and Kenya Horton, Forex Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Educators with over 10 combined years of professional trading experience. When they started out as Forex Traders, they wished for mentors, books, and courses that spoke to them in clear and direct terms they could grasp quickly and easily. They also desired mentors and trading professionals who would be transparent with their struggles, breakthroughs, and actually show them practical strategies and details to win in the market. When their losses finally turned into consistent wins and they produced a full-time income from Trading, they dedicated themselves to teaching others what they always hoped for. BK Forex Academy was created after many testimonials from Traders all around the world who were winning with Brian and Kenya’s instruction, strategies, and personal coaching and guidance. The mission of their Forex academy is very simple: To help new and struggling Forex Traders learn how to trade Forex with structure and personal guidance, so they can start the right way, have a breakthrough, and trade confidently!



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